Welcome to DimCli’s documentation!

Dimcli is a Python client for accessing the Dimensions Analytics API.

Dimcli lives on Github. Suggestions, pull requests and improvements welcome!

>>> import dimcli

>>> dimcli.login(key="private-key-here",

>>> dsl = dimcli.Dsl()

>>> res = dsl.query("""search grants for "malaria" return researchers""")

>>> print(res.json)
{'researchers': [{'id': 'ur.01332073522.49',
   'count': 75,
   'last_name': 'White',
   'first_name': 'Nicholas J'},
{'id': 'ur.01343654360.43',
   'count': 59,
   'last_name': 'Marsh',
   'first_name': 'Kevin'},
'_stats': {'total_count': 8735}}

About Dimensions Analytics API

The Dimensions Analytics API supports extraction of Dimensions data for use in complex analyses and visualizations or the building of analytical tools and reporting templates. The API uses an intuitive query language specifically developed for Dimensions data. You can retrieve, aggregate, and sort data from highly specific requests in a single API call. Additional services like text categorization are also available.

Digital Science’s Dimensions is a linked-research data platform that allows to explore the connections between more than 150 million records including grants, publications, clinical trials, patents and policy documents.

For more information about the Dimensions Analytics API, see also: